Are Zombies Real

Are Zombies Real

Are Zombies Real

So you want to know… Are zombies real? Well, some believe they are!

There have been stories and myths for years, that humans can be brought back from the dead, using voodoo magic and blow-fish potions. There has also been a great deal of research into possible parasites that may be able to produce zombies! So maybe the important question is not, are zombies real, but…

What can you do to protect yourself against them?

So Are Zombies Real, Or Not?

The simple answer is “YES” but can dead people return to life & eat us all? Well there is no scientific proof or basis of it happening although there’s claimed sightings in East Asia & some parts of West Africa but there’s no hard proof supporting this claim. Research done at a prestigious college has shown that rats that were implanted with electrodes into their nucleus accumbens & other parts of limbic method. The result was they ran around & was hyperactive, eating, drinking & when the food was depleted they tried to eat each other. Both died in trying to do so.

Are Zombies Real: Can It Happen To Us?

Now is it feasible that it can happen to us? Again “YES” since they share the same mammalian brain that we do, however our  “Neurocortex” is slightly more advanced than theirs. Although the electrodes were planted in the rats, there is also a parasite that is known to do a similar thing. The Toxoplasma Gondhi it is a brain parasite in pet felines that humans can eventually get. Half of the human population already has it but it is basically controlled by our immune system. But in some cases people have shown dramatic alterations in their behavior that leads to aggression, delusion & schizophrenia. In rats the behavior alters survival instincts as it tends to have an interest in felines & in extreme cases attacks the felines.

Are Zombies Real: The Bad News

The bad news is that through genetic engineering scientist now can breed a T-Ghondi that can assault the “Hind Brain” that controls our primal instincts like sex & violence. If this area takes control & the “Neurocortex” is shutdown & making some parts of “Limbic system” altered then a zombie (theoretically) could be created. As the persons hind brain & limbic system takes over & goes to overdrive to compensate on the parts that are sedated. A person won’t feel regret, no memory & small intelligence. It will assault anything on its path that makes him feel threatened, eat all he can & kill whatever he sees. As violence will (since this limbic system & hind brain controls aggression) be his primary instinct. So, are zombies real? Maybe, but zombies will most likely go & kill each other… Not go in to mobs & chase down other people who are not infected.

So What Do You Think? Are Zombies Real?


Real Zombie News Footage!

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