Zombie Apocalypse & FEMA. Zombies help a Government Campaign?

Zombie Apocalypse & FEMA. Zombies help a Government Campaign?When the government starts using zombies to teach people how to deal with a real disaster, it’s time to put our dear mangled friends on the shelf. It’s like the 12 year old in skinny jeans dressed like one of the Ramones. Just in time for Zombie Awareness month in October, FEMA is eyeing the success of the CDC (Center for Disease Control) zombie campaign as a way for it to keep people’s attention on how to prepare for, and react to, a disaster. Ugh. Entertaining but lame. Let’s just go ahead and bring back Superfriends and the Hall of Justice… and those fun GI JOE cartoon PSAs. Let’s make everything serious a lot more fun so we can be prepared for anything! Sources: abcnews.go.com blogs.cdc.gov Like OMN on Facebook: Follow OMN on Twitter: twitter.com Subscrib

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